A Photographer in New Jersey

My name is Josue Trigueros, you can call me Josh (childhood nickname) (:

Born and raised in Jersey! EST. 1998. I have been carrying a camera with me for 5 years but it wasn’t until a year ago where I decided to take things seriously and finally leave my job so I can focus on this full time (whoot whoot!) I started doing photography as a highschool student and fell in love with different types of photography such as street photography (where you capture natural moments of life wherever you are). When I’m not at an event on the weekends, I like to just relax, read or hang out with people and family. OH! And watching anime haha!

It is always a great privilege when someone allows me to enter into their world for a day and become a part of the family to freeze time for them <3 Can’t wait to hear from you!!!


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